Summer Camp Enrollment GuidE

Registration Process

1. Log into your CampSite account or click “Create New Family Enrollment

2. Select the “Enrollment” tab to view current registrations or to register for additional programs

3. Select Enroll for 2020 under the child you’d like to register for all Summer 2020 programs

4. Select Enroll for 2019 under the child you’d like to register for any programs during the 2019-20 school year September-June (Current school year break camps)

5. Select “Add Option” next to all programs for which you'd like to register

6. Proceed with checkout

Age Groups:

  • Clubhouse Explorers preschool ages 2-4

  • Jr Backpackers entering kindergarten

  • Backpackers entering 1st-2nd grade

  • Trailblazers entering 3rd-4th grade

  • Pathfinders entering 5th-7th grade

01 Weekly Itinerary

***Jr Backpackers, Backpackers, Trailblazers, Pathfinders


Monday Field Day/In-The-Field Challenges Kicks off the week with themed games and activities in a park

Tuesday Field Trip or Workshop

Wednesday Water Day - Trip to a splashground

Thursday  Field Trip or Workshop

Friday Field Trip or Workshop

02 Drop-off / Pick up Procedures

Drop-off 8:00-9:00 am

The earliest campers can be dropped off is 8am. We request that all campers are at our location by 9am.


Drop-Off Procedures

All parents and authorized adults will receive a unique 6-digit PIN.  This PIN will need to be entered on our iPad at drop-off and at pick-up.    


Pickup is anytime from 4-6 pm at the same location as drop-off.


Pick-up Procedures

As stated above, all parents and authorized pickups should come with their 6-digit PIN in order to securely sign-out their child.  

03 Water Day

On water days campers should come well-sun screened with water resistant sunscreen on all exposed areas and dressed in a bathing suit with dry camp clothes on top. Girls should wear a bathing suit under their dry shorts/skirts and a camp shirt. Boys should wear swim trunks and a swim shirt under their camp shirt.

Please provide a towel and dry underwear/clothing for your camper to change into. Label all items with campers first and last names.


***all age groups will be visiting one of New York City’s numerous splashgrounds each Wednesday during most weeks.  During “Shipwrecked!” and “Sun ‘n Surf” weeks, Backpackers, Trailblazers and Pathfinders will be traveling to Far Rockaway Beach.  

04 Camp Kit

All campers must wear our signature camp shirt and carry our purple backpack everyday. One kit is included for the summer season which includes two camp shirts, a backpack, and binoculars. Additional t-shirts are available for purchase.


***A water bottle is required

06 Camp Groups

We keep an exceptional 1:5 adult to camper ratio on trips and 1:10 adult to child ratio in our location. We assign our campers into smaller groups based on this ratio. This increases our group’s safety by providing the ability for super quick head counts on our excursions and also allows the children to bond with their counselor in a smaller more intimate setting.


Our explorers are broken into four age groups to ensure that each explorer enjoys experiences appropriate to his or her age. We also recognize the benefit of co-mingling between ages and occasionally do group activities with mixed age groups.


• Jr. Backpackers is for Pre-K 4s entering Kindergarten 2020-201. The program focuses on play-based learning and introduces campers to a variety of new skills and mediums while maintaining an age-appropriate structure.


• Backpackers is for entering 1st-2nd graders 2020-21 school year. Backpackers focuses on introducing campers to various interests and skills in a structured environment while still encouraging freedom of exploration.


• Trailblazers is for entering 3rd-4th graders 2020-21 school year. Trailblazers focuses on allowing campers to further develop their personal interests and to pursue their passions by growing their confidence and independence.


• Pathfinders is for entering 5th-7th graders 2020-21 school year. Pathfinders camp is designed to engage and challenge the body and mind while building courage, strength, intelligence, perseverance, and confidence through outdoor adventures, extreme sports, and team-building challenges.


We try our best to divide our smaller camp groups with the following priorities in order:


1. A child’s established connection with an adult counselor

2. A child’s age

3. Parent’s request for a specific group

4. Our identification of new and existing camp friendships


While we do organize campers into smaller groups, our campers enjoy ongoing flexibility to engage and interact with all of the campers in their larger group, despite their small group designation. Many of our workshops and organized activities are designed for the group as a whole as well as time on the bus, during lunch, and playground. You can think of our groups as the desk groups in a typical elementary classroom setting. We’re all in class together with the benefit of added attention for each smaller group.

07 What should my camper bring to camp?

• Hat (recommended for sunny days)

• Sunscreen **Please apply before coming to camp.

• Water bottle

• Emergency medications, if required

• Extra set of clothes, if necessary **recommended for younger campers

08 Anything campers shouldn’t bring

Crocs and flip-flops are NOT allowed in camp! We’re very active and campers can easily slip or trip on them. Shoes must have ankle straps.


Personal toys are discouraged. Electronics are not allowed.

09 Can I request my child be paired with a friend?

We try our best to accommodate group and friend requests. Please make any requests in advance. Note that same day friend requests may not always be possible. For more information about how we create our camp groups, see our policies regarding our ratios and groups system under Camp Groups. 


Sample Menu


Pancakes with maple syrup, turkey sausage and fresh berries


Morning snack

Pretzel sticks with hummus



Turkey pepperoni & cheddar sliders, clementines, and organic corn tortillas


Afternoon snack


Assorted organic melon and Explorers Signature Trail Mix

11 What if my child cannot attend camp? how should i notify you?

If your child will be unable to attend a day of camp, please e-mail as soon as you are aware of the absence.  

12 What if I am running late to pick up my child?

We understand things happen and offer a 10-minute grace period. Please let us know if you are running late by calling our main line +1 (855) 687-6923. After the grace period a $10 late fee will be added for each additional 10 minutes. You may use a card, check, or cash.