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Explorers Academy Preschool Enrollment Contract




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Please note that Brooklyn Explorers Academy offers a Full-time, Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tues/Thurs schedule.

January 2022-June 2022 | 8:00am – 3:30pm
September 2022-June 2023 | 8:00am – 3:30pm
Extended Day Sessions: 3:30-6:00pm
Extended Day Sessions: 3:30-6:00pm


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- Explorers Academy Preschool requires payment in full or enrollment in our automatic monthly flex-payment program by July 1, 2022 preceding your September start date. Payment is due for your registered days despite your family’s attendance or scheduled closings. There are no refunds for preschool tuition. If there is no 90-day written notice given prior to your departure from the program, the entire amount due for the remaining registered preschool tuition through the end of the school year will be charged to the parent/guardian. Explorers Academy Preschool reserves the right to collect all fees due and any collection and/or legal fees will be charged to the parent in the event of debt collection and/or report said indebtedness to the credit bureau and/or military command. Explorers Academy Preschool runs as scheduled per our school’s annual calendar from September through June.  I understand that my tuition will be billed July, 2022 through June, 2023 for full or prorated tuition accordingly. Tuition totals will be prorated at 60% of published annual tuition for all students enrolled for a January start date. 

- I understand that late payments automatic monthly flex-plan will be assessed a $25 fee. If your payments fall more 2 weeks behind, your child may  lose their space in Brooklyn Explorers Academy Preschool. 

- I may submit a schedule change to add additional preschool days provided space is available. Payment is due for the increase in tuition fees upon registration. For parents who have enrolled in the payment plan, additional tuition fees will be added to your payment plan if your additional weeks are added prior to the expiration of your plan

- I understand that upon acceptance to Brooklyn Explorers Academy Preschool, I must pay the required payment plan deposit or full tuition fees. 

- A $35 NSF fee will be assessed if my check is returned by the bank. If I have 2 NSF checks within a 6 month period, I will be required to pay by Certified Check, money order, or credit card. 

- I understand that I must pick my child up on time at dismissal. Should I arrive late, I will be assessed late fees as outlined in the parent letter payable the following pay date. The center is licensed for a set number of children per session and the license can be revoked if this number is exceeded. If I am consistently late, a meeting will be held with the director and my child’s enrollment may be terminated.  

- I understand that I must maintain diapering and toileting supplies at Brooklyn Explorers Academy Preschool. In the event that my child’s supplies are not replenished after teacher notification, I will be assessed a $25 purchasing fee to Brooklyn Explorers Academy Preschool to replenish my child’s supplies.  

- I understand that during Brooklyn Explorers Academy Preschool, I am required to maintain my child’s supply list which includes special items to  ensure participation in all Preschool activities (i.e. swimsuits, nap supplies, water bottles). If my child comes without required supplies, a $25 purchasing fee to Explorers Academy Preschool to replenish my child’s supplies.  

- I have read and understand the EAP Head lice policy and will report lice infestation of any member of my family to my child’s teacher  immediately.  

- I have read and understand the COVID-19 Addendum & Safety Guidelines outlined by Brooklyn Explorers Academy. I will comply with all screening, health checks, daily reporting, and safety policies as required. 

- I agree to all the above conditions, tuitions, and permissions and I certify that I have read and understand the Brooklyn Explorers Academy Preschool policies and procedures and will abide by the expectations set forth in the preschool parent letter. An official schedule change dated later than this contract will supersede the original schedule commitment effective four weeks after the change submission. This directive is a legal and binding agreement and all conditions set forth will be enforced.  

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