Krista Adedamola

Educational Director

What I Bring to The Table:

I have a degree in International Multicultural Studies with a minor in Art, and am halfway through a Masters in Early Childhood Education. Through 17 years of experience working with children, I recognize the importance of social emotional development, and believe that the foundation to all learning is confidence in oneself.


Kristie Giarraputo

Teaching Education Director,

White Owlets Lead Teacher

What I Bring to The Table:

I worked for many years at my mother’s preschool. That’s where I discovered my love for working with children. I adore how children are always eager and ready to learn and explore. This school year, I am looking forward to getting to know all of your children, and helping them to succeed in learning, growing, and exploring! I can’t wait to see their bright, smiling faces every day, and to see them flourish throughout the school year.


Fatima Traore

Red Kits Lead Teacher

What I Bring to The Table:

I’m a visual artist and teacher. I enjoy working with children and helping them learn, grow, create and explore the world around them. This school year I look forward to doing all of these things. We will play, laugh, and learn together. I look forward to sharing new experiences and memories that shape and enrich the minds of my preschool friends.

Ms Frances

Ms. Frances

White Owlets Teacher’s Assistant

What I Bring to The Table:

My passion and desire is to utilize my dedication to children’s educational needs and development. I want to encourage creativity and increase student performance this school year. I am very patient, caring and have a kind personality. I am excited to engage with new friends in a learning environment this year.


Ms. Nerlande

Red Kits Teacher’s Assistant

What I Bring to The Table:

What I love about working with children is watching them grow throughout the year. Working with children allows me to tap into my inner child and creativity. It’s such an honor to see them evolve into their amazing selves every day. Every day is a learning experience with children, I never stop being amazed when I am around them. I am truly grateful to be a part of their journey and yours!


Ms. Dawa

Preschool Floater

What I Bring to The Table:

I love working with children of all ages, especially the most young ones in preschool. I can see their character growth through time, and they teach me so much more than anyone can imagine. This school year, I hope we can all have fun and explore so many new things together. I cannot wait to meet everyone!!

Ms. Kim

Preschool Floater

What I Bring to The Table:

I have been working with children for about 16 years now. Working with children has always been my passion since I was a child. I love helping children with different tasks in school. I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and interacting with parents. I also look forward to meeting new students and parents!


Ms. Simone

Preschool Floater

What I Bring to The Table:

I have been working in childcare for ten years and have loved every moment of it.  I enjoy watching students explore, grow and flex their learning muscles throughout the school year.


Derrick Jackson Jr.

 School Age Programs 

Assistant Group Leader

What I Bring to The Table:

I bring a fun, compassionate and positive atmosphere.

Joey DeMita
Joey Demita

Senior Director of

Programs and Development

What I Bring to The Table:

I bring over 15 year of childcare and teaching experience both in and out of the classroom, ranging in ages from 3 to 14.  I love using my experience to find ways to enhance current programs and develop new programs, taking into account what is best for the children and families of our community.  As a theatre artist, my creativity and love of the arts has helped me find new and exciting ways to use our curriculum to enrich and engage the children in our care.   


Tahirah White

Local School Aged

Operations Director

What I Bring to The Table:

I bring years of teaching experience, organization, resourcefulness, leadership as well as creative and innovative ideas. I enjoy building a team of passionate leaders that are creative and will inspire the children of our future to explore the world and take on new challenges confidently. 

Yadira Nunez

Yadira Nuñez

Group Leader

What I Bring to The Table:

I love working with little ones, their different personalities always make my day. I also love connecting and building a strong bond with all of them. I feel so passionate about coming to work and interacting with our children everyday!

Kemisha Nelson

Group Leader

What I Bring to The Table:

I enjoy my time working with our Explorers. It is amazing to see each child blossom throughout the school year and gain a greater sense of individuality. I bring everlasting support and a helping hand to all of my Explorers. I am happy to be a part of this team and support such bright students in their continuous growth.


Meliah McPhie

Group Leader

What I Bring to The Table:

I bring creativity, energy, understanding and laughter to the table - all things that are required to keep up with a child. I believe that every child is unique. They have energy that is unmatched by even the fastest of lions, and yet are all different in the ways in which they process thoughts and emotions. As for laughter, well, some may say that I am funnier than Kevin Hart or Spongebob Squarepants, depending on the day!


Leonides Ruiz

Group Leader

What I Bring to The Table:

Hi! My name is Leo and some qualities that make me an asset are friendliness and determination. No matter what happens, I am eager to complete tasks and do so with a smile on my face!