Seats for 2022-2023 are still available!


Our curriculum is inspired by the Interdisciplinary Units of Study, created by the Division of Early Childhood Education.  This curriculum focuses on the meaningful experiences of children and learning through all domains (cognitive, social-emotional, communication, physical, and adaptive) using developmentally appropriate practice. Our children enjoy learning about their neighborhood, nature, art, and technology simultaneously with traditional math, science, reading, writing, and social studies concepts.  In this way, learning new or building upon previous concepts can be achieved in a playful manner.


We serve delicious, wholesome and healthful snacks and meals to the children in our care who deserve the absolute best in nutrition. Our meals are free from GMOs and can be prepared upon request to be free of common allergens including dairy, nuts and sesame. We can also accommodate vegan and vegetarian dietary requirements.

The menu is designed using a whole-foods approach to meal-planning. Our farm-to-table preschool partners with Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative to attain our goal of serving only the best locally rooted and sustainable food choices. Our food is served on sustainable, compostable 100% sugar cane fiber tableware.

After their time with us our children move on easily to private schools including Packer, Berkley Carroll, and The International School of Brooklyn, dual language programs at public schools, and a wide variety of charter schools. We work with our families to ensure admissions goals for their desired programs, and both parents and elementary school directors express that our preschoolers arrive more than ready for the first day of their program. We are well versed in the readiness requirements for Gifted & Talented testing, admissions requirements, and the STEM and CORE program requirements for public school and charter school programs.

Preschool highlights:


  • Engaging creative curriculum to engage each individual child.

  • Added enrichment including yoga, music, and creative movement.

  • Monthly family events and seasonal celebrations

  • Flexible extended evening and weekend childcare package for each student (easily transferable to siblings)

  • Wholesome meals and snacks

  • Flexible summer extension camp - register only for the weeks you need!

Explorers Academy Preschool Tour
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Dec 01, 11:00 AM EST


Brooklyn Explorers Academy Preschool admits students on a first come first serve basis. After sorting our applications in order of receipt, we then process our applications to ensure that our program is inclusive, caters to a diverse group of families who can enrich our preschool program with their family's varied and unique cultural backgrounds, and provides need-based scholarships for families who require financial assistance. Parents are eligible to submit an application or request for scholarship immediately after attending any of our calendared preschool tours. After attending a virtual preschool tour via Zoom, parents will be invited to attend a masked after-hours tour to see our preschool space and connect in-person with a preschool team member.

Current School Year: 

The application deadline for the current school year has passed, and our classrooms may have remaining space on certain days.  Please contact Krista Adedamola to apply for any available spots.  


7-Step Admissions Process

Step 1    Attend a tour or an information session

Step 2    Apply via our online application

Step 3   Confirm your offer of acceptance notification from Director

Step 4 Pay initial, non-refundable tuition payment  (10% of annual tuition fees)

Step 5 Complete your parent meeting and receive required paperwork

Step 6      Submit Explorers Flex-Pay Form or submit full tuition payment

Step 7  Submit all required paperwork and start school!



Your annual tuition for each child for the contracted school year is represented in the below table based on your enrollment schedule. Tuition fees are due in full by June 1st in advance of the September start date of your contracted school year unless you enroll in our extended payment system.  A 5% discount will be applied to all families who pay their annual tuition in full by June 1st.  Explorers welcomes all of our families to enroll in the Explorers Flex-Pay Plan, which breaks your tuition fee into 12 equal payments from June through May of your contracted school year.

Tuition & Fees include the following:

  • Annual program attendance for your registered schedule

  • Program extracurricular enrichment classes

  • Community events and activities

  • All meals and snacks


Materials Fee:

The annual $150 Materials Fee is due by June 1st in advance of the upcoming school year.  For registrants who enroll at any time after June 1st, the materials fee is due upon registration.



Our healthy and nutritious meals and snacks can be prepared upon request to be free of common allergens including dairy, nuts and sesame. We can also accommodate vegan and vegetarian dietary requirements. The menu is designed using a whole-foods approach to meal-planning.  Our food is served on sustainable, compostable 100% sugar cane fiber tableware.​ 


Breakfast: Egg and cheese wraps with fresh fruit

Lunch: Organic mild jerk chicken bites, rice & peas, and fresh mango

Snack: Organic milk, whole grain organic graham crackers, and clementines



Breakfast: Mini bagels with cream cheese and bananas

Lunch: Salmon or tofu onigiri in fun animal shapes and steamed edamame 

Snack: Baby carrots with ranch dip and popcorn 


Breakfast: Cinnamon and apple oatmeal with fresh fruit

Lunch: Penne with marinara sauce and fresh parmesan and steamed veggies

Snack: Pretzel sticks with hummus and organic grapes


Breakfast: Assorted cereals with organic milk and fresh fruit

Lunch: Sunbutter & jam sandwiches with Chef's Soup of the Day

Snack: Organic blue corn tortillas with salsa



Breakfast: Waffles with maple syrup and turkey sausage 

Lunch: Black beans & rice, maduros, guacamole, and Brazilian cheese bread

Snack: Friday's Farm Pick! & rice cakes with drizzled honey

Important Dates for the 2022/2023 School Year