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School Break Camp Is In Session! 

When School Is out We Are In!

BeyBlade Tournaments

Let the battle begin!


Movie Date Night

Drop-Off Child Care , Fridays 6-9 pm

Explorers Academy Preschool

Yearly enrollment with monthly billing.

Ages 2-4

  •  Engaging curriculum to engage each individual child.

  • Added enrichment: yoga, music, and creative movement.

  • Monthly family events and seasonal celebrations

  • Wholesome meals and snacks

  • Flexible summer camp - flexible weekly enrollment! 


Afterschool Adventures

Yearly enrollment with monthly billing.

 Monday-Friday | 2:30-6pm

This location is for BPCS students ONLY!

This location is for BCCS students ONLY!

This location is for Success  Academy students ONLY!

Summer Camp

Ages 2-12

Weekly enrollment at 4 drop-off locations with easy rescheduling and bundles designed for savings! 

Tough Talks.jpg


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Welcome to the World Explorers podcast‑a kid-friendly space where experts gather to inspire and equip families, communities and better yet, the planet to have those tough, often taboo, timely conversations about life. At World Explorers, we encourage children to have a love for the planet and all its people. We are inviting you to be part of a village that values diversity, inclusion, empathy, and health and wellness, so that you and your children can not only thrive but prosper in an increasingly complex world. So sit back and buckle up as we set out to explore some rather “tough talks” that will give you the confidence you need to start a series of healthy conversations with your child today.

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